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Indigenous Studies Teacher Guide: French Resources


Autochtones 101/ Aboriginals 101
CBC: 8th Fire - Filmakers Sonia Boileau talks to people in Ottawa to find out what they know about Aboriginals in Canada.

Les Autochtones victimes d'un genocide cultural, dit la judge en chef de la Cour supreme

Globe and Mail / Radio Canada interview with Canadian Supreme Court Justice Beverly McLaughlin on the cultural genocide of Aboriginals.

Les Sept Enseignments Sacres / Seven Sacred Teachings
David Bouchard narrates his book on the Seven Sacred Teachings in French.



Assemblée des Premières Nations
Official site of the First Nations Assembly.

Chronologie de l'histoire des Peuples Autochtones en Columbie-Britannique
chronology of important dates related to the history of Aboriginals in British Columbia.

Commission de vérité et réconciliation du Canada : Appels à l’action​
Truth & Reconciliation Calls to Action - teachers may want to select which small actions they want to take with their students.

L’art inuit contemporain au Canada
Background information on contemporary Inuit Art

L'Exercice des Couverture, un excercice de sensibililisation collective
The Blanket Exercise is an activity designed to raise awareness of the relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples in Canada. 

L’histoire des Autochtones au Canada
Canadian Aboriginal History