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Indigenous Studies Teacher Guide: Stories


Big Think Interview With Sherman Alexie
An interview with the award-winning author Sherman Alexie who chronicles the Native American experience.

David Bouchard: Portrait of a Metis Author
Metis author David Bouchard is interviewed as part of the LearnMichif project.

David Bouchard on "Stories"
Metis author David Bouchard talks with Geoff Edwards on the power of stories and the importance of sharing them.

Thomas King: Author Speaks About His Book The Inconvenient Indian
An interview with Thomas King hosted by the Canada Art Channel

"The Truth About Stories" Thomas King
In this CBC Massey Lecture award winning author Thomas King uses oral stories to highlight the experience and imagination of Aboriginal Canadians.

Tracey Lindberg Draws Inspiration From Aunties for Canada Reads Novel
In this CBC interview Tracey Lindberg talks about the inspiration for her new novel Birdie.



CBC New: Five Unforgettable Conversations With Aboriginal Authors
Journalist Shelagh Rogers reflections on conversations with Aboriginal authors including: Thomas King; Joseph Boyden; Richard Wagamese; Graham Greene and Eden Robinson. 

First Nations Pedagogy Online: Storytelling Overview
BC Educators created a site to support online learning initiatives for aboriginal students, elders, educators, curriculum developers, and educational leaders. This page focuses on the history of storytelling and includes a number of storytelling clips.

Native Drums: Stories
The Native Drums site is a collaboration between Carelton University and Aboriginal societies of Canada's Eastern Woodlands. This page focuses on the history of storytelling and tradition stories of different tribes.

Room Magazine Blog: 14 Aboriginal Women Writers to Read This Summer
Aboriginal women writers who have had an impact on both Canadian and Aboriginal Literature.