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Grade Five Immigration: The Chinese Head Tax

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Asian Exclusion Legislation

This site gives an overview of the anti-Asian legislation in North America over the last 150 years.

Chinese Canadian National Council

The Chinese Canadian National Council helps share the stories of Chinese Head Tax subjects and their families. They work to raise awareness about this chapter in Canadian history.

Road to Justice: The Struggle for Equal Justice for Chinese Canadians

A timeline and historical overview of Chinese Canadians and their stories.

The Chinese Experience in British Columbia: 1850-1950

A UBC web site on Chinese Canadian experiences in British Columbia.


In the Shadow of Gold Mountain by

Chinese Head Tax Apology

Watch BC Premier Christy Clark apologize for the Chinese Head Tax.


Gale: Canada in Context "Chinese Head Tax"

An overview of the Canadian Chinese Head Tax.

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Toronto Star: Chinese Head Tax (newspaper article)

Provides a breakdown of the numbers around the Chinese Head Tax.

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BC Premier Apologizes for the Chinese Head Tax

CBC article on BC Premier Christy Clark's apology to Chinese Canadians for past racist policies.

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