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Grade Five Immigration: Japanese Internment in WWII

All approved resources for researching your PBL topic.


Web sites

Canada: A People's History -- Japanese Internment

This overview of Japanese Internment in Canada is a companion to the CBC show A People's History.

Aya's story

An interactive museum site recreating the internment experience of a British Columbian of Japanese descent named Aya.

Japanese Canadians during the War Years

A look at the experiences of Japanese Canadians during WWII curated by the Nikkei National Museum and Cultural Centre.

Japanese Canadian National Museum        timeline of Japanese in Canada

This museum, located in Burnaby, has some incredible exhibits and a few are available online. Click "ABOUT" and "TIMELINE."

This resource tells the story of Japanese in Canada from 1870s to 2003. Pay close attention to the war years (1930s-1950s) for details that will help your research, and then again to 1988 when Brian Mulroney, Prime Minister of Canada, issued a formal apology for the treatment of Japanese Canadians by Canada. 

Japanese Canadian National Museum 

This museum is located in Burnaby and has a few collections online. This timeline (click ABOUT and then TIMELINE) will show you details from the Japanese experience in Canada from 1877 to present day. Pay careful attention to the war years (1930s to 1950s) to understand what Japanese Canadians were forced to do. Pay careful attention to the "Redress" (or apology) section in 1988 when the Prime Minister, Brian Mulroney, apologized for what the Canadian government made Japanese and Japanese Canadians do during the war years.


Media - *read the "More" for password info*

Vancouver Sun Article - Letters from Japanese-Canadian teenagers recount life after being exiled from B.C. coast by John Mackie.

This article shows interviews, feelings, and effects of Japanese internment on communities and people. There are quotes and stories that will be helpful to you - and tell you how hard and impactful the effects of internment were.

Vancouver Sun Article - Letters from Japanese-Canadian teenagers recount life after being exiled from B.C. coast

In this newspaper article you will find quotes, memories, and stories telling the reader about the effects of the Japanese Internment on both people and communities.