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Grade Five Immigration: LGBTQ

All approved resources for researching your PBL topic.



Saskatchewan's 10th anniversary of same sex-marriage - CBC

This resource is also very reliable (CBC) and it an example of how same sex marriage was legalized and accepted in one province in Canada: Saskatchewan. The 10 year anniversary offers a chance for you to see how views and opinions changed from 2005 to 2015.

Canadian timeline of same sex marriage - Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

This is a reliable resource that shows the timeline of legalizing same sex marriage in a social and a political way. It is not written just for students but should be a helpful resource for you to start with and refer back to. 


The Story of Jim Egan - Open Text BC

Statistics Canada - Same Sex Marriage Statistics (2016)

Same Sex Marriage in Canada - the Canadian Encyclopedia

Brain Pop's video on Harvey Milk (American gay and civil rights activist) - a for your information article

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The Canadian Encyclopedia - History of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Canadians' Rights in Canada

This is a great place to continue your research. There is a timeline history over the past 6 decades that details the experiences of LGBTQ Canadians. There is a close focus on the unfair ways that many of these Canadians were treated by other people, their workplaces, and the Canadian governments. This long article also describes how the LGBTQ Canadians' rights have been disrespected.