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Social Studies 10: Home


Canadian Geographic

Canada's History

National Geographic


The Canadian:Biography Series (Historica)
Short video biographies on major Canadian figures. 

Heritage Minutes (Historica)
Heritage Minutes video clips capture major figures and events in Canadian history.

Radio Minutes (Historica)
Audio clips capture compelling figures and events in Canadian history.




The Canadian Encyclopedia

Bilingual online encyclopedia which contains over 19,000 articles on Canada and Canadiana.

First Nations in Canada: Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada
This educational resources looks at different aspects of First Nations history including:
1. Early First Nation: The Six Main Geographical Groups
2. History of First Nations - Newcomer Relations
3. A Changing Relationship: From Allies to Ward
4. Legislated Assimilation - Development of the Indian Act
5. New Perspectives - First Nations in Canadian Society
6. Towards a New Relationship