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What is Genetic Modification - the Royal Society 
The Royal Society is a fellowship of independent scientifists.
This short video clip explains genetic modification in relation to crops.

Stem Cell Breakthrough - NOVA ScienceNOW
Educational video from Nova about advances in Stem Cell use.

How Gene Editing is Helping Fight Disease - BBC News
A short clip on the potential of gene editing in relation to fighting disease.




AgBiosafety – University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Good basic information on genetic engineering in relation to biocrops.

Genetic Inequality: Human Genetic Engineering - Nature Education
Excellent article on human genetic engineering.

Pro and Con: Should Gene Editing Be Performed on Human Embryos? – National Geographic
This opinion piece provides pro and con ethical arguments from two university ethics professors.

Should Genetic Engineering Be Used as a Conservation Tool –e360 Journal of Yale School of Forestry & Ecology
A brief look at some of the issues surrounding the use of genetic engineering for conservation.