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Grade 5 Canadian Resources: Websites

Use this libguide to research appropriate resources to help you with Canadian resources unit

General information on natural resources. These sites will serve as an introduction to the topic.


Pebble Go Next: General introduction to natural resources and the environment.
Brain Pop: Introduction to natural resources. 
Brain Pop: Fossil Fuels
Brain Pop: Nuclear Energy
Brain Pop: Solar Energy
Brain Pop: Gas and Oil
Brain Pop: Wind Energy



Canadian Encyclopedia: Introduction to fishing industry in Canada

.   Canada Fisheries Act: Modernized 2019: improved protections for fish and habitats

.   Coasts Under Stress: The impact of overfishing on Canada's coastal communities




The Desire to Stop Canadian Tar Sands Transcends Borders  Activists against the environmental impact of mining. 

 Mining in Canada. Canada Action promotes the mining industry.



Canadian Encyclopedia: Introduction to Forestry