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Chinatown National Designation Application
Information about the history of Vancouver's Chinatown and heritage buildings.


Chinatown Map - Vancouver Heritage Foundation
Map of Chinatown which includes information about the buildings in this district.

Chinatown Walking Tour & Map - City of Vancouver
Directions and information about Chinatown and the buildings.





Bamboo Shoots: Chinese Canadian Legacies in BC - BC Government
This site includes teacher and student resources about the legacies of Chinese Canadians in BC.

Canadian Encyclopedia - Vancouver Chinatown History
This site provides a concise history of Chinatown.

CIC Simon Fraser University - Vancouver Chinatown
A historic overview of Vancouver's Chinatown from 1886 to present.

City of Vancouver Archives - Chinatown

Pictures and historic information about Chinatown from the City Archives.

Society Buildings in Chinatown - City of Vancouver
Information about the Chinese Association in Chinatown and their historic role.


Chinese-Canadian Military Museum Society
This site is dedicated to Chinese-Canadian contributions to the Canadian military.

Heroes Remembered : Chinese-Canadian Veterans - Veteran Affairs Canada   
This site provides information about Chinese-Canadian participation during the World Wars.

The Memory Project- Chinese Canadian Veterans of World War II
First hand accounts of war by Chinese-Canadian veterans.


Chinatown Memorial Monument
Map of the location of this monument.

Location of Monument to Chinese-Canadian Veterans Ineffective - Vancouver Observer
This 2010 article argues that the monument is not in a good location, but is that argument still valid today?

Arthur Shu-Ren Cheng - Vancouver Visions
An examination of the Chinese-Canadian Memorial Monument by sculptor Arthur Shu-Ren Cheng.

Apology for Historic Discrimination - City of Vancouver
Mayor Gregor Robertson and Vancouver City Council apologize for the historic discrimination against the Chinese in Vancouver.

UBC Open Collections - Link to Chinese Canadian stories.

Chinatown Seeks UNESCO World Heritage Status

Honouring the Chinese Community in Victoria

Vancouver Chinese School Podcast

Heart of the City: A Walking Tour of Vancouver's Chinatown Podcast