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Core Competency Book Lists: Social Awareness and Responsibility

Books to support the Core Competencies #corecompetencies


Social responsibility involves the ability and disposition to consider the interdependence of people with each other and the natural environment; to contribute positively to one's family, community, society, and the environment; to resolve problems peacefully; to empathize with others and appreciate their perspectives; and to create and maintain healthy relationships

Contributing to community and caring for the environment

Students develop awareness of and take responsibility for their social, physical, and natural environments by working independently and collaboratively for the benefit of others, communities, and the environment. They are aware of the impact of their decisions, actions, and footprint. They advocate for and act to bring about positive change.

Contributing to community and caring for the environment - Picture books

Resolving problems

Students identify and develop an appreciation for different perspectives on issues. They show empathy, disagree respectfully, and create space for others to use their voices. They generate, use, and evaluate strategies to resolve problems. 

Resolving problems: Picture books

Solving problems in peaceful ways: Chapter books

Valuing diversity

Students value diversity, defend human rights, advocate for issues, and interact ethically with others. They are inclusive in their language and behaviour and recognize that everyone has something to contribute. Their approach to inclusive relationships exemplifies commitment to developing positive communities.

Valuing diversity: Picture books

Valuing Diversity: Chapter Books

Building relationships

Students build and maintain diverse, positive peer and intergenerational relationships. They are aware and respectful of others’ needs and feelings and share their own in appropriate ways. They adjust their words and actions to care for their relationships.

Building relationships: Picture books

Building Relationships - chapter books