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Grade 5 Great Canadians: General guides



KNOWBC - This Database will help you but you need to put in your famous Canadian in the search box and then choose the right tag (if found) - for Terry Fox, for instance, it's the third name down, after Terry Fox Laboratory! Make sure you make a wise choice and choose the correct search article. This is only good for BC based famous Canadians

World Book Online - Kids - This is a good starting off point. For more details click the link below for a more advanced version of the same database.

World Book Online - Student - This website will help you if you have a relatively famous famous Canadian (Christine Sinclair, Terry Fox, Justin Bieber, and so on). Remember to use your key words when searching!

Kiddle.Co - this search engine will help you if you're really stumped or have an unusual famous Canadian

PyeongChang Olympic Team Canada - Use this if your Canadian is competing in today's Olympics!