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Sustainable Development Goals: G3 - Good Health and Well-being

Guiding Questions

  • What is wellness?

  • What is health care?

  • How might good health and wellness solutions look different around the world? How might they look the same?

  • How does access to health care impact an individual? A community? The world?

  • How does wellness impact a person’s life?

  • How does what humans need for healthcare change over time?

  • What is our responsibility for good health and wellness? For ourselves? For others?

  • What is the connection between knowledge and good health?

Web Sites

World Health Organization

Rights of Children - Canada

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Public Health Agency of Canada

Jack - Organization training youth to support mental health

Period Poverty: Everything You Need to Know

BC Government - Health

Mental health and wellness in First Nations and Inuit communities

The Power Imbalance Undermining Global Health (check Google classroom for log-in details)

WATCH — Jordan’s Principle helps First Nations kids access services they need

Healthy City Strategy - City of Vancouver

The Forgotten Virus: Zika Families and Researchers Struggle for Support

How Heat Waves Take a Toll on Mental Health

Doctors share tips for Canadian kids dealing with wildfire smoke

Cape Verde reaches malaria-free milestone

China’s Clean Air Campaign Is Bringing Down Global Pollution

Anxiety Canada - Anxiety in Youth

The teen brain is especially susceptible to the harms of THC

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Social media is driving teen mental health crisis, surgeon general warns

Are cellphone bans in schools a good idea? Experts weigh in

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Risks of vaping

Quick Facts on the Risks of E-cigarettes for Kids, Teens, and Young Adults

Meta is being sued over making social media addictive for kids

Heroes in pink: Lao midwives supporting rights and saving lives