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Junior School Library: We Love

Crofton House Junior School library website. We feature libguides for curriculum support, core competencies, aboriginal content and general reading lists.


Welcome to Crofton House Junior School Library!

Welcome to your Junior School Library!

Looking for a book? You can find print or e-books by typing the name of the book you want directly into the Follett search bar at the top of this page. Or, you may go directly to the library catalog by clicking on the icon below.



Meet the Team

Olivia Sharpe - Library Assistant

Ms. Sharpe loves reading YA fiction, cycling around town and watching quiz shows like Jeopardy. The libraries in her life have always been places of calm and solace, so she considers herself lucky to work in one.

Isabel Jones - Teacher-Librarian

Ms. Jones has long had a connection with Barbara Cooney's Miss Rumphius, the red-haired librarian who traveled the world, tthen returned to live by the sea. 

Sophia Hunter - Teacher-Librarian


Ms. Hunter used to be a cat. Now she lives at the library.



Get your overdues back! Other students want to read those books. Returns may be placed in the library 'house' in the atrium  for grades 1-4 or on the book cart for grades 5-7.

New Routines during Covid 19:

  • use hand sanitizer before entering the library.
  • place holds or choose from shelves.
  • try not to handle a book unless you know you want to check it out.
  • stay in front of plexiglass shield when checking out books.
  • seating areas will be sanitized between cohort use

Book Check Outs

This is a reminder of your general book check outs every time you visit with your class. 

Overdues sent out by email after two weeks loan period

JK: 1 book per visit

SK: 2 books per visit

Grade 1: 3 books per visit (6 total)

Grade 2: 3 books per visit (6 total)

Grade 3: 3 books per visit (6 total)

Grade 4: up to 6

Grade 5: up to 6

Grade 6: up to 10

Grade 7: up to 10

Read Books Online







Find eBooks here. Great for summer reading!

Read eBooks directly from our school library. We have a great selection!

Recommended Books