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Educational Games for Classrooms (Paid)

Europa Universalis -empire and history building game

Kerbal Space Program - take control of the space program, build aircraft, physics

Rocksmith - learn how to play guitar

Eco - create a civilization without hurting the ecosystem

While True - building a PC, learning how a computer works

Project Hospital - become a doctor, plan a hospital, manage to success

Human Resource Machine - train your workers to solve puzzles

Free to Play (Fun Games for Girls)

Artist Idle - draw pictures, sell them to become a famous artist

Be Calm - enjoy a relaxing voyage across the water

What Never Was - A short puzzle game featuring Sarah, who cleans out her grandfather’s attic to find some surprises

Tailor Tales - be your own fashion designer and run a boutique

Magnesia - puzzle game using magnets to escape

Life is Strange, Episode 1 - a story of girl friendships, mystery and time travel set in the PNW

Library - explore a library in first person and meet your friends