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Grade Five Immigration: Residential Schools

All approved resources for researching your PBL topic.


Web resources

Former Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper's apology for residential schools

A video from CBC showing the official apology to Aboriginal Canadians, acknowledging the devastating effects of residential schools on Aboriginal culture and communities.

Where are the Children?

A very detailed web site offering numerous resources on Aboriginal experiences in Residential Schools.

Condensed Timeline

A clear and concise timeline of the creation and dismantling of Residential Schools.

Misconceptions about Residential Schools

Common myths and misunderstandings about Residential Schools are addressed in this document.

First Nations Leadership Council Backgrounder on Residential Schools

A document from the British Columbia Assembly of First Nations on the timeline of Residential Schools in British Columbia.

Canadian Encyclopedia's Article on "Indian Residential Schools"

This article has a lot of important information but you should use it after you've done some preliminary research. It has a lot of links and examples, pictures and videos. Read it after you've already learned a bit about the residential school system in Canada.

Chanie Wenjak - the Canadian Encyclopedia's article. This is a very sad story about an Anishinaabe boy who ran away from a residential school in northern Ontario. 

The Downie Wenjak Fund - this is a charity that is new in Canada and it's meant to bring attention and reconciliation to the human rights abuses in Canadian history. Gord Downie, who was the lead singer of the Tragically Hip, a famous Canadian band, started this charity when he was sick with brain cancer and worked passionately to establish it before his death in 2017. The fund raises money for awareness of the Chanie Wenjak story and all Indigenous Canadians' stories of wrongs they experienced in the Residential School system. 

This is a resource that we recommend viewing after you have read one of the stories or books on the Residential School System.


Where are the Children?

A documentary partnering with the web site of the same name.